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2014 EFA Coaches ~ Summer Skills Camp



Each one of our coaches has been hand picked to focus on position specific training / skills.  We want to provide athletes with the tools they need to improve and excel as a football player and as an individual.


Our program is not for everyone.  If you are truly interested in elevating your game and reaching the next level physically and mentally, then this program may be exactly what you are looking for.  This is for the passionate football player.  You must be prepared to work hard, push yourself and improve your game throughout the new season and beyond.  

Our coaching staff has designed and developed a training program that will provide you with the tools you need to succeed.  We pride ourselves on the quality of our coaching staff.  Each coach possesses the knowledge, passion, raw talent, skills and love of the game.

Coaches Background Checks

Per M.G.L all of our coaches are required to have a background check done before employment starts.  Any applicant that does not meet the standards set forth by E.F.A are not permitted to coach in our program.  Any questions regarding this process, please contact Gary Walsh.